Worm Gear Reducer



  • Worm shaft: Made of alloy steel S45C and better, its teeth with hardness up to HS60°±3° achieved by treating with intense heat and tempering, arecarefully ground so that they are very tough and gurable.
  • Worm gear: Made of a special analysia bronze and gears carefullycut by use of the exculusive hob for all speed reducers.
  • Worm gear boss: Made of special cast iron(FC-20 or better and above) capabie to receive great impact.
  • Housing: Made of cast iron, with high hardness, able to endure great impact, beautiful in appearence. The cacting material is FC-20 or better and above.
  • Bearing: With ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, which allow for greater overhung and thrust loading.
  • Seal: All shaft projections have special designed, high quality oil seals.

Worm gear speed reducer is essential to drive systems and is widely used when speed reducer is needed, such as:

  • Machenical industry: Conveyer, life, druer crane, transport equipment, extending press, filling machine, extruder, can-making machine, foundry and other machinery, etc.
  • Chemicall & textile industry: Chemical machinery, mixer, coating machine, textile machine, drying machine, doubling-frame, bleaching machine, finishing machine, dyeing machine, printing machine, rubber equipment, dehydrating machine, washing machine, etc.
  • Paper&printing industry: Printing machine, paper machine, paching machine, automatic recording machine, cutting machine, winding machine, etc.
  • Electric industry: Extending machine, wiring machine, extruding machine, plating machine, paper-covering machine, etc.
  • Other industry: Mining equipment, crusher, separator, selector, washing machine, coal feeder, tobacco machine, food machinery, cifil engineering equipment, plywood machinery, film-making machine, ventilator, gas producer, plastic machinery, refregerator, air ompressor, etc.

In order to satisfy the need of all industries, we have developed this international standard worm gear speed reducer. Worms and worm gears are designed to give efficiency and long service life at listed ratings. It is so noiseless compact light and find, that we believe it wil do much to your company and plant.

Reminder turbine gear
1. Check before
Check the models, model, horsepower, axis, gear ratio, rotation direction and the vertical shaft rotational speed compliance, avoid overloading use.
Note Check oiling case, first determine whether there is oil and keep oil at more than half of the oil level gauge.
Installed in ventilated, temperature 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C environment.
Unplug refuel before using the cover latch.

Turbine reducer connection
1. Coupling link into force or the output shaft, the need to also make two really fixed axis parallel to the positive locking base.
2. When the input shaft is hollow, adding the appropriate grease to avoid excessive wear and aperture issue abnormal sound, the shaft can be coated with anti-rust paint, to avoid rust.
3. sprocket connected to the output shaft of the pulley with H7 tolerance must be used to avoid sending a different sound to the shaft surface damage.

Turbine gear lubricant
Should be injected into the turbine gear 1. Before running lubricating oil to the top of the center mark.
2. After the first 100 hours of use, internal wash, put new oil after an oil change once every 2500 hours.
3. Insufficient grease may cause rapid wear and reduce the efficiency of the turbine, too much may lead to leakage. Lubricating oil to the top of the center can be marked.

Matters turbine installation gearhead
1. turbine gear installed to take into account its axis, poles and other factors.
2. turbine reducer points single-stage, two-stage.
3. Most of the reducer output shaft and the input shaft has, but there are a small part of the hollow shaft, such as the most common BAKDO turbine is hollow shaft gear type.
4. Another case is that there is an input shaft but no gear output shaft, such BAKO turbine reducer. Of course, depends on the user’s specific needs may be.
5. turbine gearbox input shaft and the motor is recommended when using elastic coupling link, while the output gear coupling is used along as well as other non-rigid coupling.
6. Enter the output axis and the axis of the axis of the coupling part must be kept concentricity, the error does not exceed the rating of the coupling range used.
7. After a good grasp of these cases, the next is the degree of operating flexibility to detect reducer, detection method is very simple to rotate by hand several times repeated, must be flexible and do not get stuck in the rotation phenomenon.
8. manual detection gear operation without exception, the follow-up work is carried out commissioning and lubricated gear reducer of.
9. proposal for gear selection advice to gear lubricants manufacturers, in order to ensure the compliance of lubricating gear and gear to work properly.

Safety/Quality Approvals