Technical Standard of 9100 Series Frequency Inverter

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High Performance Vector Frequency Inverter
Model Number, Specification and Technical Standard

Voltage (V)220V220V380V460V575V660V
Power (KW)Current (A)Current (A)Current (A)Current (A)Current (A)Current (A)
37 13075655245
45 16090806252
55 2001101007663
75 26015013010486
83 32017014711798
110 380210180145121
132 420250216173150
160 550300259207175
187 600340300230198
200 660380328263218
220 720415358287240
250 470400325270
280 520449360330
315 600516415345
375 680600450390
400 750650520430
450 820720650465
500 900800700550
560 1000900780590
630 11001000850680
Technical Standard of 9100 Series Frequency Inverter
PowerInput3P 380V (1P 220V)50/ 60Hz
Allowed VariationEffective voltage: 380V(220V)±15%
Voltage allowance: ±15% variation; frequency variation: ±5%
ControlControlVector control without sensor, V/F control
Frequency range0-650 Hz
Output frequency accuracy±0.01% of maximum frequency
Frequency resolutionKeyboard setting: ±0.01% of output frequency
±0.2% of maximum output frequency
Voltage/frequency characteristic30%-100% rating voltage, adjustable base frequency 0.5- 640Hz
PWM carrier frequency0.5-15.00 KHz
Torque upgrade150% rating torque at 0.50Hz
Overload ability60 seconds at 150% rating current, 10 seconds at 180% rating current
Acceleration and deceleration0.1-3600 seconds
Speed rateNo PG control: 1: 100
Speed accuracyNo PG control: ±0. 5% maximum speed
Rating output voltageAuto voltage adjustable function: When the voltage on the grid network changes, output voltage can automatically remain constant.
Standard functionRPM trace, deceleration pause, PID control, auto speed compensation, auto voltage regulation (AVR), 8-step run, power (torque) control, frequency leap, simple PLC, UP-Down control, swing run, two-loop signal overlapping, auto reset, timer, flip-flop non-stop.
Standard protectionOver-current, over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, phase reversal and overload.
RunFrequency simulation inputExternal terminal Al1: 0- 10V
External terminal Al2: 4-20mA, panel potentiometer
Simulation outputExternal terminal AM, 0-10V or 0- 20mA
Digital signal inputProgramming input terminals for X1- X4
Digital signal outputOne set of relay signal: 3A/ 250VAC
One auxiliary signal output (open-collector electrode): 24VDC-50mA
SettingFunction, data, output current, output power for power factor angle, input power, power coefficient, timer time.
RunOutput frequency, setting frequency, output current, input voltage, motor RPM, forward/backward turn, output power limit, conversion of output frequency and RPM, linear lead voltage, output voltage, temperature inside frequency inverter.
FaultOver-voltage, under-voltage, over-current ,over load over-temperature, over-voltage loss, data protection damaged, voltage limit, fault run, history fault.
EnvironmentInstallation locationIndoor, altitude less than 1000m, dust-free, no corrosive gas, no direct sunlight.
Ambient temperature and humidity– 10~ + 40℃, 20%~ 90%RH (no condensation)
Vibrationless 0.5g below 20Hz
Storage temperature-25~+65oC
InstallationWall mounted
Protection gradeIP20
CoolingAir cooling
Features of 9100 Series Frequency Inverter

9100 series frequency inverters developed for the customer requirement , and adopt the state-of-art control to implement high torque, high accuracy, and wide speed regulation, so that can meet the requirement for the general frequency inverter.

The practical PID regulator, the simple PLC, the programming input/output terminal control, remote control with synchronization, and control by pulse frequency are provided for special locations.

The main purposes are used at the locations for the customized frequency inverter and special frequency inverter. The standard frequency inverters are 1P 220V 0.4kw-2.2kw only.

Main range:
220V 0.4kw-110kw

220V 0.4kw-1.5kw adopt mini frequency inverter with compact size and convenient installation.
Length x width x height 85*140*125mm

Enhance the counting function with photoelectric switches to implement the complex auto run.
The eight-step speed can be set freely by multi-stage control.
Install one main pump and many auxiliary pumps to constantly supply water, and increase the function to detect the channel fault.
Detail electrical parameters and accurate match to enhance the device power factor for the device.
Provide the fault alarm testing item to easily eliminate the faults.

Typical Wiring Diagram for 9100 Series Frequency Inverter

Frequency Inverter Dimensions and Accessories
Guide to brake assembly

The following table is the guidance data, where a user can select the resistance and the power according to the actual conditions (The resistance must not be less than the recommended value in the table, but the power can be increased.).

The brake resistor is selected according to the power generated by the motor in the actual applications, related to the system inertia, the deceleration time, the energy of potential load, depending on the customer requirements.

The larger system inertia is, the shorter deceleration time is needed; the more frequent brake is applied, the larger power of the brake resistor is selected and the resistance is smaller.

Selection of resistance

During the brake, the recycling energy from the motor is almost consumed on the brake resistor.
According to the formula: U*U/ P= Pb
■ U in the formula – – – brake voltage
(depending on the system, generally take 700V for 380VAC system)
■ pb— brake power

Power selection for brake resistor

In theory, the power for the brake resistor is consistent with the brake power. However, derating is considered as 70%.
According to the formula: 0.7*Pr=Pb*D
■ Pr– resistance power
■ D— brake frequency (The recycling process shares the ratio of the whole work.)
Elevator — -20%~30%
unwind and wind —20%~30%
centrifuge —50%~60%
Sudden brake load –5%
generally take 10%

Brake assembly table (Model G for example)
Voltage (V) Power Level Resistance (Ω)Capacity (Watt)Remark
2200.4KW20080Built-in brake unit
0.75KW20080Built-in brake unit
1.5KW100150Built-in brake unit
2.2KW60250Built-in brake unit
3.7KW40300Built-in brake unit
5.5KW30500Built-in brake unit
3800.75KW360200Built-in brake unit
1.5KW180400Built-in brake unit
2.2KW180400Built-in brake unit
3.7KW100500Built-in brake unit
5.5KW100500Built-in brake unit
7.5KW501000Built-in brake unit
11KW501000Built-in brake unit
15KW401500Built-in brake unit
18.5KW401500Built-in brake unit
22KW303000The brake unit
can be customized
when ordering.
The discharge cycle is defined as 10%.


  1. The brake assemblies are used to consume some potential or energy fed from the load with larger inertia to the frequency inverter, which can avoid inverter trip owing to high voltage. They can be applied for the load with larger inertia and frequent brake or quick parking.

  2. The brake assemblies belong to peripherals. The brake unit is built in the inverter (0.75-18.5). If the brake function over 22kW is required, please order the inverter with the brake.
  3. Don’t directly connect the discharge resistor to the P or N terminal. If the inverter terminal is P or N, the discharge block must be additionally installed. If the brake assembly over 93KW is connected to the P or N terminal, please remind us before ordering.
General Inverter Diagrams and Dimensions
Inverter Dimension and Installation Opening List
Model NumberW
9X00-3T-00400-G-B 9X00-3T-00550-P-B
9X00-3T-00550-G-B 9X00-3T-00750-P-B
9X00-3T-00750-G-B 9X00-3T-01100-P-B
9X00-3T-01100-G-B 9X00-3T-01500-P-B218108338323228Ø9
9X00-3T-01500-G-B 9X00-3T-01850-P-B
9X00-3T-01850-G-B 9X00-3T-02200-P
9X00-3T-02200-G 9X00-3T-03000-P 9X00-6T-01500-G
9X00-3T-03000-G 9X00-3T-03700-P 9X00-6T-01850-G
9X00-3T-03700-G 9X00-3T-04500-P 9X00-6T-02200-G
9X00-3T-04500-G 9X00-3T-05500-P 9X00-6T-03700-G353200600576299Ø11
9X00-3T-05500-G 9X00-3T-07500-P 9X00-6T-04500-G
9X00-3T-07500-G 9X00-3T-09300-P 9X00-6T-05500-G
9X00-3T-09300-G 9X00-3T-11000-P 9X00-6T-07500-G397300684600336Ø11
9X00-3T-11000-G 9X00-3T-13200-P 9X00-6T-09300-G
9X00-3T-13200-G 9X00-3T-16000-P 9X00-6T-11000-G
9X00-3T-16000-G 9X00-3T-18700-P 9X00-6T-13200-G
9X00-3T-18700-G 9X00-3T-20000-P 9X00-6T-16000-G5901114410
9X00-3T-20000-G 9X00-3T-22000-P 9X00-6T-18700-G
9X00-3T-22000-G 9X00-3T-25000-P 9X00-6T-20000-G
9X00-3T-25000-G 9X00-3T-28000-P 9X00-6T-22000-G
9X00-3T-28000-G 9X00-3T-31500-P 9X00-6T-25000-G6921260355
9X00-3T-31500-G 9X00-3T-37500-P 9X00-6T-28000-G
9X00-3T-37500-G 9X00-3T-40000-P 9X00-6T-31500-G
9X00-3T-40000-G 9X00-3T-45000-P 9X00-6T-37500-G8141624430
9X00-3T-45000-G 9X00-3T-50000-P 9X00-6T-40000-G
9X00-3T-50000-G 9X00-3T-56000-P 9X00-6T-45000-G
9X00-3T-56000-G 9X00-3T-63000-P 9X00-6T-50000-G
9X00-3T-63000-G 9X00-3T-56000-G
9X00-3T-00750-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)220685240
9X00-3T-00110-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-01500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-01850-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-02200-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)285700270
9X00-3T-00300-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-03700-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-04500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)330930340
9X00-3T-05500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)
9X00-3T-07500-ZS-B (integrated cabinet)