Product Name Low Maintenance 60w 3 Phase Induction Motor



Low maintenance 60w 3 phase induction motor 


Product Description

Induction motors are the most common kind of motor used in commercial production. It can be viewed as an AC transformer with a rotating secondary winding. The current in the rotor windings is induced from the current in the stator windings, avoiding the need for a direct connection from the power source to the rotating windings.


Key Characteristics Induction Motor

  • Asynchronous: rotor and driving frequency can be different
  • Low maintenance, high durability
  • Magnet-free: coil windings make up the rotor and stator
  • No brushes needed: current from supply to the stator coils induces a field on the rotor cage or coils
  • No controller necessary for single speed and predictable load operation
  • Fit with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for improved control and efficiency