Oil Pressure Motor


  • The electric motor shaft type, relative directly matches, no needs the junction box, thus the reduced installment space, the assembly is convenient
  • Electric motor fitting surface processing precision high, no needs the professional to install, revolution steady, noise low, the calorific capacity is small
  • The spindle inside diameter size please refer to the water’s edge form specification table
  • The entire automatic casting equipment from casts the precise outer covering, the outlook is nice
  • If has the special request, welcome to contact with our company

Oil Pressure Motor features its high quality and excellent performance.Usage appearance, starting torque, low vibration, low noise   Applications cutting equipment, feeding equipment, hot stamping machinery, transportation equipment, food machinery, steel printing equipment, agricultural machinery, medical equipment Feature 1. The motor shaft can be directly matched with the corresponding pump, without coupling, thereby reducing the installation space, easy assembly. 2. High precision mating surfaces of the motor and pump coaxial match to match, no professional installation, smooth operation, low noise, low heat. hydraulic motor 1. mandrel diameter size specifications please refer to the pump in the form of tables 2. Automatic self-casting precision casting equipment enclosure, novel and beautiful appearance 3. These values are subject to change without prior notice 4. If you have special requirements, welcome to plans to sample or contact me.

Safety/Quality Approvals