Vertical Inverter Duty motor


Our company is a reliable manufacturer of Invertor Duty Motor, ac induction motor, and DC Motor in Taiwan.

An essential condition to smoothly operate inverter duty devices is having a good coordination between power system, inverter, motor’s property, and required initial start-up force.

Suitable·          Entire iron-coating is fully processed by Automated-casting equipment in one-piece with novel and artistic design.
·          All sizes conform to IEC International general standard, which provides easy maintenance and best compatibility of looking for interchangeable parts.
Reliable·          All motors and gears are fully designed and manufactured by computer and high precision automated machines. Every production line must conform to an unified production SOP, and every complete product in each single process must be qualified by electric inspection equipment.
·          With automatic mechanical rewinding solution and quality bearing, it can effectively increse the precision and reduce the working noise.
·          All products are certified and evaluated by CQC and IEC standard, which provides you the best production reliability.
Durable·          Fully-sealed enclosure design and special paint coating provide dust-proof, water-proof, and greaseproof.
·          High-efficiency cooling design reduces wind resistance and increase power efficiency. Polymer Resin coating-insulation provides outstanding endurance, which is suitable to multi-purpose usages under extreme operating environment.
Usable·          The use of special die-cast aluminum rotor provides better initial torque with low inertial force, which can efficiently shorten motor's starting and stopping time.
·          Integrated with high performance split-type cooling fan gives compact size and low noise.
·          With aseismatic and impact resistance design and speedy feedback from high precision decoder(Decoder is optional), signal control sharp with high accuracy.

AEVF-VF vertical frequency motor characteristics 1. International Standard · circles common 2. Automatic self-casting precision casting equipment shell, beautiful appearance. 3. The installation dimensions and tolerances of all IEC international standard unified, universally common, interchangeable hundred percent, maintenance is simple, suitable for all walks of life needs. AEVF-VF vertical frequency motor reliability high quality precision · 1. with computer design, with the latest automatic mechanical precision machining, electronic equipment testing, production of standardized operations. 2. Using patented winding manner and bearing, high precision. Characteristics in line with China’s national standards and international standards Electric Association, high reliability. AEVF-VF vertical frequency motor energy saving · Rugged 1. Full sealed, dust, water droplets and ink 2. High efficiency cooling structure, reduce wind damage. Saving energy. Polymer resin insulation, incomparable endurance in harsh environments is also capable. AEVF-VF strong vertical frequency motor quiet · responsive 1. Die-cast aluminum rotor with a special groove, high starting torque, low inertia, saving start and stop time. 2. High efficiency separate cooling fan, small size, low noise. 3. Using resistant to vibration, impact resistance, high-precision encoder speed feedback, precise control signal responsive. AEVF-VF vertical frequency motor specification table AEVF inverter motor 1. axis diameter D Tolerance: Ф11-Ф28: js6, Ф38-Ф48: k6, Ф55-Ф75: m6 2. Boot N diameter tolerance: h7 3. These values are subject to change without notice. 4. If you have special requirements, welcome to design or contact me. 5.20HP motor above dimensions are subject to strict requirements, please contact us.

CategorySquirrel-Cage Induction Motor (SCIM)   
Protection WayThermistors, overheating protection 115 ℃
Ingress Protection RatingIP54
CoolingIC 416 Forced Air Cooling System with IndependentColing Fan Power:
Cooling Fan.Single Phase 50/60Hz 200~ 240V
Three Phase 50/60Hz 380~ 400V
Pole Number4P6P8P
Output Power (HP)1/4 - 40April 30, 2001January 1, 1970April 20, 2001
Rated VoltageThree Phase 220, 380, 415, 440, 460V 50/60Hz
Time DutyS1 (Continuous Duty)
Torque PropertiesConstant 12Hz ~ 6Hz
Progressively Decreasing 12Hz ~ 6Hz
Starting Torque125% of Rated Torque
Insulation ProtectionClass F
Environmental Restriction 
PlaceUnder Shadow
AltitudeNot exceed 1000 Meters
Ambient Temperature-10℃ -40℃
Relative HumidityLess than 80% RH (Non-Condensation)
Rotate DirectionFace to output, axianl in clockwise rotation
Transmission TypeDirect Contact or Belt Driven
PaintingPhenolic Rust Proof Plus Lacquer Surface Finished Painting
AccessoriesFeedback Device: PG ENCODER 600PPR
DC 5V ~ 24V Complementary

Safety/Quality Approvals