Vertical 3 Phase Ac Induction Motors


As an industry leader of 3 phase ac induction motors , we offer quality Induction Motor and Aluminum Alloy Motor.

Suitable·          Entire iron-coating is fully processed by Automated-casting equipment in one-piece with novel and artistic design.
·          All sizes conform to IEC International general standard, which provides easy maintenance and best compatibility of looking for interchangeable parts.
Reliable·          All motors and gears are fully designed and manufactured by computer and high precision automated machines. Every production line must conform to an unified production SOP, and every complete product in each single process must be qualified by electric inspection equipment.
·          With automatic mechanical rewinding solution and quality bearing, it can effectively increse the precision and reduce the working noise.
·          All products are certified and evaluated by IEC standard, which provides you the best production reliability.
Durable·          Fully-sealed enclosure design and special paint coating provide dust-proof, water-proof, and greaseproof.
·          High-efficiency cooling design reduces wind resistance and increase power efficiency. Polymer Resin coating-insulation provides outstanding endurance, which is suitable to multi-purpose usages under extreme operating environment.
·          The exhaust hood conforms to EN-294 European Standard, which provides better safety of machinery.
Usable·          The use of special die-cast aluminum rotor provides better initial torque with low inertial force, which can efficiently shorten motor's starting and stopping time.
·          Low vibration and noise.
  • All sizes conform to IEC International general standard, which provides easy maintenance and best compatibility of looking for interchangeable parts.
  • Aluminum coated frame provides light weight and artistic exterior.
  • Triangle shape foot mount (B3) provides high stability with low vibration.
  • The excellent heat dissipation extends motor life.

*Usage: appearance, starting torque, low vibration, low noise *Applications: cutting equipment, feeding equipment, hot stamping machinery, transportation equipment, food machinery, steel printing equipment, agricultural machinery, medical equipmentVertical aluminum motor performance 1. International IEC size, world-wide, high compatibility and easy maintenance. 2. aluminum alloy, light weight, beautiful appearance. 3. stand empty triangle design, strength, and vibration. 4. Good heat dissipation, long life. 5. The output shaft diameter D tolerance js6; center height H tolerance (+ 0, -0.5). 6. The above values are subject to change without prior notice! 7. If you have special requirements, welcome to design or contact me.

Specifications and Ratings 
CategorySquirrel-Cage Induction Motor (SCIM)
Design StandardIEC, CQC, JIS
Output Power0.09KW ~ 3.75KW (1/8 HP ~ 5 HP)
Frame No.(mm)56mm~112mm
Rated Voltage220V / 380V / 440V / 660V Dual-Voltage
Rated Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
MountingB3 (IM1001) Horizontal Foot Mounting
Direction of RotationBi-Directional
Method of StartingFull Voltage Direct On Line or Y-Δ Starting
Time DutyS1 (Continuous Duty)
Stator InsulationClass B
Ingress Protection RatingIP54 (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
CoolingIC 411 – Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled
Environmental Restriction 
PlaceUnder Shadow
Voltage Regulation± 10%
Frequency Regulation± 5%
Ambient Temperature-10℃ - 40℃
AltitudeNot exceed 1000 Meters
Relative HumidityLess than 90% RH (Non-Condensation)
BearingGrease Pre-Packed Double-Shield Rolling Bearing.
Terminal BoxLarger Size Made by Pressed Steel Which can be Set 90° Apart with Conduit Hole Cable Entrance at Left Side View from The Drive End.
Lead TerminalSolderless Lug Teminal
PaintingPhenolic Rust Proof Plus Lacquer Surface Finished Painting in Blue Color
(Munsell  7.5G 4/2.)
Bolt ThreadISO Metric System
Test ProcedureIEC 60034, GB4942.1 with Full Voltage Measuring Starting Performance.
Temperature RiseWinding Temperature Rise (by Resistance Method)
Class E Insulation Not to Exceed 75oC
Class B Insulation Not to Exceed 80oC
Class F Insulation Not to Exceed 100oC
HPKWFrame Number (mm)   
2P (3000RPM)4P (1500RPM)6P (1000RPM)8P (750RPM)
January 8, 20180.0956566371
January 6, 20180.12566371-
January 4, 20180.1863637180
January 3, 20180.25637180-
January 2, 20180.3771718090
March 4, 20180.56718090-
Order No. DL-MSB5-(Frame No.)-(Pole Number)-(KW)  Eg.: DL-MSB5-56-2P-0.09

Safety/Quality Approvals