High Performance Vector Frequency Inverter

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DOLIN TAIWAN GROUP was established in 1988.

With the motto: “Quality is the first priority, constantly innovating”, and combined with technical innovation, innovative equipment, excellent technique, has allowed us to develop, design and manufacture. the most complete AC / DC motors, reducer motor, oil pressure motor, inverter motor, pole changing motor, controller, AC / DC small motor controller … the same The continuous development of science and technology has provided many optimal solutions in the field of control and bring positive benefits to the economy. In order to meet the market demand of the leader team , the technology engineers of DOLIN Group has developed DOLIN series of inverter with the best features and increasingly complete more. At present, DOLIN’s products have gradually gained the market in many countries in the world such as Taiwan, China, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, etc. We are known as a prestigious brand of tissue motor, gear reducer, gearbox … and now with the introduction of the inverter will be a reliable choice to help your technology solutions become perfect.Inverter inverter is a device that converts the power supply voltage and frequency into a power source with voltage and frequency can be adjusted for the purpose.

Inverter inverter used to control the speed of the motor should be used widely in the industry: paper industry, water and waste water treatment system, cement, plastic, feed processing factory , Food & Beverage…

Application of inverter inverter

Application of inverter inverter with large capacity is used effectively in cases such as:

– Control of asynchronous motors from 15 to 600kW at different speeds;

– Adjust the flow of the pump, air flow in the centrifugal fan, machine productivity, conveyor capacity;

– Stable flow, pressure at fixed level on the water pump system, blower, air compressor … whether demand changes;

– Control of the start and stop process of the engine on the conveyor system;

– Small power inverter from 0.18 to 14 kW can be used to control working machines such as: sawing, mixing, lifting …

What is the effect of using inverter?

Inverter DOLIN inverter combined with asynchronous motor has the following benefits:

– high productivity;

– Very smooth start-up and stopping of the engine, which will help longer engine life and longer mechanical components;

– The use of inverter safety, convenience and maintenance of the inverter is also less so reduce the number of employees to serve and operate the machine …

– Inverter helps to save power at maximum during startup and operation.

In addition, the system can be connected to the central computer. From the operator control center you can see the operation of the system and the operating parameters (pressure, flow, rotation, etc.), working status as well as the adjustment, diagnosis and operation. Troubleshooting can occur.

DONG LING TRADING & SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED, the official distributor of DOLIN products. With a team of experienced technicians, graduated with a good specialty in automation will bring to customers the best solution, the most economical. With the motto “bring the best products, best price, perfect service” and we believe that DONG LING will bring satisfaction to customers!

At present our company is available two DO LIN inverter series DL 9100 and DL 9600.

Features of DL 9100

Inverter inverter 9100 inverter series is developed according to the requirements of customers, has the ability to control high torque, high precision, adjust the speed in a wide range, so it can meet Comply with the general requirements of an inverter. Motor control via PID, simple PLC, programmable input / output terminal control, remote control with synchronization, and pulse frequency control are provided for the local special point. Main purpose is to use in many places for motors that need to adjust speed and where there are special frequencies. The standard frequency inverters are 1P 220V 0.4kW-2.2kw. Some of the highlights of the DL 9100:

  1. 220V 0.4kW-1.5kW apply mini inverter with compact size, convenient installation. Length x width x height 85 * 140 * 125mm
  2. Enhanced counting function with photoelectric switches to perform complex auto runs.
  3. The eight-step speed can be set freely by multi-stage control.
  4. Install a main pump and multiple auxiliary pumps for continuous water supply, and enhance the function to detect channel errors.
  5. Detailed electrical parameters and exact combinations to improve the equipment power factor for equipment.
  6. Provides error checking entries to easily eliminate errors.

9600 Series Frequency Converters

The main model is the 9600 series frequency converter. After accurately analyzing customer needs and researching common sense with high quality and reliability, the 9600 series variable frequency drive for you to experience the superior features and powerful functions.

Support vector control of engine types

– Support vector control of the motor phase offset three-phase.

– Support vector control of three-phase AC motor.

– Provides vector control for insulated motors from permanent position feedback

Differential encoder
Open collector encoder
UVW encoder
Rotary transformer encoder

Vector control features of the new zero-speed sensor

Vector control of the speedometer, which can stop motion, torque 150% output at 0.5Hz;

Non-sensor vector control reduces sensitivity to engine parameters, enhancing field suitability.

Can be applied to cases such as coil control, load distribution of the same load pull multiple motors.

High torque characteristics

The 9600 inverter can provide 150% torque boost at 0.5Hz (Non-sensing vector control). At 0Hz can provide 180% torque speed 0 (vector control with sensor)

Super-level reaction

Non-sensor vector control, torque response <20ms.

Vector control with sensor, torque response <5ms

Protection limits the torque of the machine

The 9600 inverter can provide torque limitation, when the torque command exceeds the motor’s maximum torque, the inverter can limit the torque in the motor. the largest installed torque, to promote the appropriate safety protection of the machine is carried out in the capacity of the largest.