Product Name Aluminum Foil For Packaging


High Quality Medicine Aluminum Foil
1. Aluminum foil used for freezing, roasting, baking, catering, miscellaneous kitchen use and so on.


Single Site Aluminum Foil, Round Site Aluminum Foil, Color Aluminum Foil, Wing Edgy Aluminum Foil, Hot Melt Aluminum Foil, Aluminum Compund Tape etc.


1.Character and Application: Electric Wire, Electric Cable, High Frequency Transmission for Communication, Electricity, Electron it Hide from Isolation Electromagnetic, Radio Wave Interference.

2.Tensile Strength (Mpa): >15, Percentage of Elongation, Percentage of Stirpped(N-cm):6.13, Roll Length(M): Depends on clients request.

3.Length per roll: According order of customers.