Small Gear Motor-Horizontal Type Ac Gear Motor – gear motor


Our company specializes in manufacturing professional Helical Gear Reducer and Worm Reducer. Gear Motor With high toughness, wear resistance.

2.Armed with the latest gear hobbing made.

3.Ac gear motor with characteristics: high efficiency, small size, light weight, knot no noise, compact, maintenance-free .

4. gear motor high tightness. Geared motor output section of the configuration seals and O -rings to prevent gear motor gear box grease reflux , avoid damage to insulation aging gear motor.

Artistic is convenient·          The entire automatic casting equipment from casts the precise outer covering, the outlook is artistic
·          International IEC size, world general, the interchangeability is high, maintains easily
·          The miniaturized design, the frame number reduces, body small amount light, efficiency good, the transporting, the installment is convenient
Precise faith·          Computer design, by most new style automated machinery precise processing, electronic instrumentation examination, and consistent work production
·          The special-purpose bearing, the accuracy is high
·          The characteristic conforms to the international IEC standard, the faith is high
Firm is durable·          Seal structure, dustproof, the waterproofing splashes and the oil froth
·          The high efficiency cooling structure, reduces the breeze to damage, saves the energy, the endurance is good, the adverse circumstance also can be competent
·          The wind sail design conforms to the European Union EN294 laws and regulations, firm is durable, the security has the safeguard
The intensity is peaceful·          Uses the special trough to press the cast-aluminum rotor, the inertia is small, saves the starting stand-by time
·          Vibrates slightly, the noise is low
·          The high efficiency separation formula cooling fan, bears the impact, the signal response keenly, the control is precise

Horizontal Type Geared Motor
High Speed Reducing Motor

Specifications and Ratings 
CategoryHorizontal Type Helical Geared Motor
Gear Ratio1/5 - 1/200
MountingHorizontal Foot Mout
Output Shaft (Ø)18mm ~ 60mm
Gear MaterialS45C (High-Frequency Wave), Scm21 (Carbonization)
SCM4 (Nitrogen Hardening)
Motor Specification and Rating 
Design StandardIEC, CQC, JIS
Output Power0.09KW ~ 11.25KW (1/8 HP ~ 15HP)
Rated Frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Time DutyS1 (Continuous Duty)
Stator InsulationClass B
Method of StartingFull Voltage Direct On Line or Y-Δ Starting
Environmental Restriction 
PlaceIndoor. The product should be installed on flat and solid foundation
Voltage Regulation± 10%
Frequency Regulation± 5%
Ambient Temperature-5 ℃ - 40 ℃
AltitudeNot exceed 1000 Meters
Relative HumidityLess than 85% RH (Non-Condensation)
Shell MaterialAluminum Alloy (Adc356), Cast lron (Fc25)
LubricationGrease NO.0
BearingGrease Pre-Packed Double-Shield Rolling Bearing.
Terminal BoxLarger Size Made by Pressed Steel Which can be Set 90° Apart with
Conduit Hole Cable Entrance at Left Side View from The Drive End.
Lead TerminalSolderless Lug Teminal
PaintingPhenolic Rust Proof Plus Lacquer Surface Finished Painting in Blue Color
(Munsell  7.5G 4/2.)
Bolt ThreadISO Metric System

Safety/Quality Approvals