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  Gear Reducer Motor
  Precision (Mini) Gear Motor Series
  Induction Motor
  Brake Motor
  Oil Pressure Motor
  DC Motor
  Inverter Duty Motor
  Worm Reducer Series
  Equipment Machine
  Rewinding Machine
  Winding Slitter

DONGLING M&E TECHNOLOGY MANUFACTURE CO., LTD was established in 1988. It has only one thought in mind of management “Quality firstly, Service impressments, uninterrupted Innovation”, and incorporated with technical innovation, renew equipments, excellent technicians, that has enabled us to develop, design and manufacture the most complete AC/DC motor, gear reducer motor, oil pressure motor, inverter motor, variation pole motor, no IEC motor, worm reducer, stepless fanner, vs motor controllers, tension controllers, AC/DC mini motor controllers, slitter-rewinder series machine, laminator series machine, cutting machine, slitting machine, bag making machine, extrusion coating-laminating machine, rotogravure coating machine, center-sealing gusset machine, peripheral equipment, rewinding machine, inspection machine series etc


To meet various machinery and industrial application. Our quality includes material incoming inspection, process inspection to final running performance test to insure that it is in conformance with your apply able specifications and our quality standards. Company already obtained firstling complete manufacture “CCC” attests and ISO9001:2000 quality control system attests 



We are working hard at all time for growth together with you



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