2016-08-11 Center surface Stripping Rewinder (Standard) -Automated Rewinding Slitting Machine- Specifications Category Automated Winding-

Slitting Machine Applicable Material PET Film, PC Film, PVC Film, PP Film, Aluminum Plastic Composite Film, Aluminum Film, Copper Film, Mylar, Nonwoven Fabric, Tissue Paper, Kraft Paper, and etc.
Max Speed for Winding / Slitting 350 m/min (Depending gear motor on kinds of material applied) Applicable Width of Axial / Material 500mm ~ 2000mm (Customizable) Min. Width of Slitting 3mm (Depending on kinds of source material are applied) Tolerance of Slitting Width ±0.1mm (Depending on kinds of material applied) Applicable Thickness of Material 0.01mm and above (Depending on kinds of material applied) Max Applicable Diameter of Coil 800mm (Customizable) Applicable Inner Diameter of Coil D = 2” and above (Customizable) Max Applicable Weight of Material 1500 Kg (Customizable) Rated Frequency gear motor 50Hz & 60Hz Rated Voltage 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 460V, 480V, or Dual-Voltage
Mechanical &Electrical installation
(Customizable) Environmental Restriction gear motor Location Indoor. The product should be installed on flat and solid foundation. Voltage Regulation ±10% Frequency Regulation ±5% Ambient Temperature -5°C~40°C Altitude Not exceed 1000 Meters Relative Humidity Less than 85% RH (Non-Condensation)
Components Unwinding Unit – Central Driven Uncoiling System with Electromagnetic Brake and Manual Alignment System. – Auto Alignment System (Optional) Delivering Unit – Material is delivered through the Synchronously Driven Supplying Roller to Synchronously Driven Central Dividing Roller driven by DOLIN made Inverter Duty Transmission System. Slitting Unit – Choices of Razor Cutter or Circular Cutter with fine-adjustable and moveable cutter mounts. Rewinding Unit – Synchronously dual-rollers winding during central surface slitting, or synchronously single-roller rewinding during pure rewinding driven by DOLIN made Inverter Duty Transmission System. – Pneumatic Lifting Device makes work easier. Controlling Unit – Number Displayed Counter with Pre-set and Two-step Deceleration Function – Meter for Strain Force of Winding Material – Meter for Support Force of Rewinding Roller – Separated and Independent controllers for pneumatic system and electronic components. Others – Edge Waste Blower with Expulsion Tube Accessories – Upper & Bottom Circular Cutter Blades – Razor Cutter Blade – Upper Circular Cutter Mount – Razor Cutter Mount – 1mm ~ 50mm Upper Cutter Spacer – 1mm ~ 50mm Bottom Cutter Spacer Features – With Dual-rollers Center Surface
Rewinding Technology, each roller gives stand-alone rolling speed supplied by Its Individual power motor; therefore, both rollers can rewind synchronously in different diameter. – With Vector Control Inverter Drive, rewinding unit results in high accuracy, high performance, and low noise. – Both unrolling and rewinding rollers for source and target coils are integrated with easy lowering system. – All rollers and axles are calibrated by Dynamic Balancing Treatment. Standard Accessories: Slitting Samples: PET, Textile fabrics, PVC, Aluminum foil, Cotton paper, Wing aluminum foilm, etc