2015-05-14 Have a gear motor special designed

Worm shaft: Made of alloy steel S45C and better its teeth with hardness up to HS60±,gear motor;3 achieved by treating with intense heat and tempering arecarefully ground so that they are very tough and gurable Worm gear: Made of a special analysia bronze and gears carefullycut by use of the exculusive hob for all speed reducers Worm gear boss: Made of special cast iron(FC-20 or better and above) capabie to receive great impact Housing: Made of cast iron with high hardness able to endure great impact beautiful in appearence The cacting material is FC-20 or better and above Bearing: With ball bearings and tapered roller bearings which allow for greater overhung and thrust loading Seal: All shaft projections have special designed high quality oil seals Applications: Worm gear speed reducer is essential to drive systems and is widely used when speed reducer is needed such as: Machenical industry: Conveyer life druer crane transport equipment extending press filling machine extruder can-making machine foundry and other machinery etc Chemicall & textile industry: Chemical machinery mixer coating machine textile machine drying machine doubling-frame bleaching machine finishing machine dyeing machine printing machine rubber equipment dehydrating machine washing machine etc Paper&,hair foil;printing industry: Printing machine paper machine paching machine automatic recording machine cutting machine winding machine etc Electric industry: Extending machine wiring machine extruding machine plating machine paper-covering machine etc Other industry: Mining equipment crusher separator selector washing machine coal feeder tobacco machine food machinery cifil engineering equipment plywood machinery film-making machine ventilator gas producer plastic machinery refregerator air Dong Ling M&E Technology Manufacture CoDong Ling M&E Technology Manufacture Co Ltd Home Inquiry Cart WORLDWIDE Aluminum Foil Series Induction motor Gear Reducer Motor Series Small Gear motor High Gear Ratio Double Shafts Gear reducer Flanged Gear reducer Light Load Gear Motor Large Geared Motor Worm Reducer Series NMRV NRV Worm Reducer series Induction Motor Series Electric Motor Aluminum Alloy motor Invertor Duty motor DC Brake motor Oil Pressure Motor series Sophisticated Device With Automated machines Center surface Stripping Rewinder Lamination Machine Aluminum Foil Slitting machine Material Foil Household foil Throughout Europe most households are used to having alufoil in the homeIt has become an essential part of modern household convenience for cookingreducing cleaning chores in the kitchen and for its many uses around the home gardenor workshop In commercial kitchens too restaurants canteens schools andhospitals foil is a tool with manyfunctions Alufoils total barrier to light steam aromas and liquids is a majorreason for its use in the kitchen The same properties can be used to stop evaporation and drying of paintadhesives and fillers used in home decoration Also it can deal with the highest temperatures encountered in cookingwhether in a convection oven or under the hottest grill Another greatadvantage when used in the kitchen is the deadfold characteristic ofaluminium foil Once folded around a joint of meat or crimped onto the top ofa casserole or storage pot the alufoil stays folded and does not spring back aluminum foil 1 High Purity: After being degreased the surface is free of powered aluminum or rolling oil residual 2 As household aluminum foils are different is length width and thickness we provide different specifications to satisfy customersStructure: